Saturday, May 13, 2006

Old lady in the city.

The flower of Bombay.

Papaya tree in Poona.

Building the future cricketers.

Cricket match in Pune.

Tea shop in Pune

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Connoisseur at India Wine Cellar

Boy selling hibiscus flowers and vegetables.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chana sing (roasted chick peas and groundnuts/peanuts) seller outside the Byculla zoo.

Market viewed from the Byculla station railway bridge.

Panwalla (fresh betel leaves) on sale in Byculla market outside the Central Railway Byculla station, near the zoo.

Bundling cilantro in Byculla

Ganna juice center (sugarcane juicer shop).

Cream of the coconut packed in plastic.

Coconuts kernel

Guavas in the forefront

Happy is the potato seller after weighing off his last batch of potatoes.

Hara mirch masala (green spices).

Old man explaining the importance of eating organic onions to the disbelieving shopper.

Shop with a tattered shade, and blissful watchman with bananas on right.

Calling for Green Chillies to the dismay of the old lady

Eat your greens, says this man in Fancy Market outside the PCO (public phone booth)

Rooster back from his morning walk in the market

Bargaining for the best deals in Brinjals.

The sweet sweat of labour

Chicken watching the papaya seller smoking

Rooster roaming thru the market

Dressed for action, pineappes, papaya, pomegranates.

Garlic to go, is good for winter cold.

100% literacy in this Bombay market.

Red is the color of spice of life, see the man showing newspaper article to the plastic ware seller on left.

Safety first for the man in helmet buying sabji outside Libas, the ladies tailor shop.

Mumbai mirch masala

Red and ripe Tomatoes

Popeye the spinach lover

To buy or not to buy palak (spinach)

Karela (bitter gourd) and Gavar (cluster beans)


Garlic (lasson) seller

Shop on wheels in Fancy market, Agripada.

Vegetable closeup - Bhendi (Lady's fingers), Doodhi (Bottle Gourd).

Sabji Mandi Mumbai

Photos of Markets in Mumbai.